Pre-need planning - what is it?

Pre-need planning is taking the time to make your final wishes known to your family before the time of death. It can be as simple as stating that a life insurance policy is set aside to cover your final expenses or it can be as comprehensive as including your obituary information and your wants for the actual funeral service.  It is something that you can do for your family to ease most of the decisions that will need to be made at the time of death.

Talk with your family about what your wants are. Contact your local funeral home to get helpful information; or call and make an appointment to help you through the entire process. An existing insurance policy can be designated to cover the costs, an additional insurance product can be purchased, money can be put into a CD at your local bank that is designated for funeral expenses, and other options also exist.

Whatever you decide to do beforehand; your family will certainly appreciate the incredible gift you gave them at the at-need planning process.

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